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Abu Bakarr

Place Kamawornie

Age 12

Gender Male

Favorite Color Yellow

Favorite Subject at School Physical Health Education and English Language

Favorite Activity or Game Football

Grade Class 6 at R.C primary school Kamawornie

Future desired career Doctor

Number of Sisters 3

Number of Brothers 0

Abu Bakarr lives in Kamawornie village in northern Sierra Leone with his parents and siblings. Abu Bakarr's parents are farmers, who grow rice, groundnut, and beans on their farm every planting season. There is no electricity or pipe-borne water in the village where he lives so he usually uses locally-made candles / solar lights to study at night. There is also no high school in the village where he lives hence, he either will have to walk about ten miles every day to attend high school in a nearby town or he will need to relocate to a bigger town for high school.  Abu Bakkar dreams of becoming a medical doctor in the future so that he can heal the sick in his community.