Jeneba - 1 of 3 Shares Sponsored


Place Bo

Age 16

Gender Female

Favorite Color White

Favorite Subject at School English

Favorite Activity or Game Sports

Grade Senior Secondary School

Number of Sisters 3

Number of Brothers 2

Jeneba lives in the Banga farm community, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Bo Town district in the southern part of Sierra Leone. She has three sisters and two brothers and they live with their parents in a concrete house with zinc roofing with two rooms and a parlour. Access to both clean water and electricity for residents in the Bo community is a daily challenge. The major occupation for residents in the Banga farm community is farming and trading.

Her mother is a petty trader- selling vegetables at a community market whiles her father is a commercial bus driver.

Jeneba dreams of becoming a medical doctor in the future, she loves taking care of sick people.