Mbalu - 1 of 3 Shares Sponsored


Place Kamawornie

Age 16

Gender Female

Favorite Color Blue

Favorite Subject at School Home Economics & Social Studies

Favorite Activity or Game Dancing & Balance Ball

Grade Junior Secondary School

Future desired career Nurse

Number of Sisters 5

Number of Brothers 3

Duties at Home Sweeping

Mbalu comes from a poor family, Mbalu's parents are both local farmers. They face lots of challenges in providing for their kids' needs. She resides in a mud house with zinc roofing.

Mbalu is growing up in the Kamawornie village of Karena District in northern Sierra Leone. Communities are separated by many miles, streams, and rough roads. This isolation means people who live here often don’t get access to social services, like good healthcare or financial services.   There is no access to electricity or tap water for residents of the Kamawornie village.  Villagers most often fetch water from nearby rivers, streams, and swamps.

Mbalu is attending Junior Secondary School and loves going to school and would like to be a nurse when she grows up.  Your support will help her achieve her dream.